The Mulcahy Family


With Anne Mulqueen, Alice Fitzgerald and Michael Marrinan
Cúl na Sméar Hall
Saturday 28th April, 2007
(40 minutes from the second half)
Once again, a superb concert. The three magicians (Freudian slip - make that musicians) between them played enough instruments to constitute a Celtic orchestra. Linda's songs on the harp were a revelation, Mick was sparkling on accordion, melodion and concertina and Michelle's graceful fingers fairly flew her flute into flight.
Mick pressed Anne Mulqeen, Michael Marrinan and Alice Fitzgerald for some songs, which Anne and Alice sang from the midst of the packed audience.
The music was foot stompin great and complexly unique. The excerpt from the concert featured here is the first 40 minutes of the second half. Enjoy.
Mick is a legendary accordion player. In earlier days, Mick played with the Brosna Céilí Band. Michelle, who plays flute and Uillean pipes recently won the Young Musician of the Year award. Louise plays concertina, accordion, harp and fiddle.
From an online review of the family's Notes from the Heart CD:
"Mick Mulcahy is an excellent accordion and melodeon player, and the musical abilities of his two daughters Louise and Michelle must make him very proud indeed. Louise is a powerful flute player as well as one of the best pipers of her generation - she was one of the young pipers featured on "A New Dawn," the 1990s answer to the classic "Piper's Rock." Michelle is no less impressive on four different instruments: fiddle, concertina, harp, and piano."
All this versatility opens the door for many possible combinations, and the mixture of solo, duet, and trio tracks adds much variety to the listening experience. Especially notable perhaps are the sisters' fiddle and pipes duets.

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